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1.1988 years of rich experience in the industry。

2 arrange the wide product line: pe1000, hdpe500, PE, low density polyethylene, nylon, nylon oil, PA6 / PA66, POM, PET, PVC, ABS, PC, PP, PU, PMMA; PTFE, PVDF,  PPS, PEEK, PI, PBI, pei.ect row.。

3 manufacturing, design and processing services, according to your needs, we can provide customers with ODM and OEM。

4 our advantage: fast delivery, competitive price, high quality, long-term service to our customers。

5 we will provide first-class after-sales service, to meet customer needs of customers。

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Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Engineering Plastics Industries Co., Ltd,Is a company specializing in the production of engineering plastics, product production, sales, design and processing as one of the Sino foreign joint ventures。

The company has a full set of imported production equipment and a full set of advanced CNC processing equipment, advanced processing means, strong technical force。

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Unique method

Independent seasoning mold design and processing, master, color, from product manufacturing mould testing and repairing it, until in casting mold and injection success, our company can provide a complete set of services, is to shorten the production cycle。

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Main Application Areas

  • Welcome to inquire, to visit the factory, telephone:+086-18898478866

    A Sino foreign joint venture enterprise which integrates production, sales, design and processing

    To undertake a variety of automated transport systems, logistics delivery systems, packaging machinery and equipment, such as conveyor equipment engineering plastic parts processing

  • Can be customized according to customer requirements, to map processing, materials (restricted plate and rod pipe) processing accessories

    The company has a full set of imported production equipment and a full set of advanced CNC processing equipment, advanced processing means, strong technical force。

  • The company has developed a variety of rubber and plastic products for many well-known domestic machinery and equipment manufacturers and end users a large number of applications, to replace the same kind of imported products。

    The most durable plastic parts manufacturers plastic parts procurement first stop

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      The morning of July 6, 2017, our Australian customer company's boss, personally to our company, discuss the purchase of a batch of engineering projects in Australia using polymer plastic accessories!<...

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      Er qi industrial regiment campaign summarization convention held a grand ceremony, at the prize presentation ceremony of the conference regiment campaign!
      Our friends, go all out!
      Winning a lot!...

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      Extended a warm welcome to alibaba the north district, shijiazhuang 80 enterprise owners and executives, to visit our company this morning: guangzhou er qi industrial group co., LTD to visit, communic...

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      This is perhaps, the ancients cloud: people go out for rain!
      On May 23 in the morning, we set out from guangzhou, along the way, is the heavy rain!
      Now, finally arrived safely in Shanghai bund. ...

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      To a line of people are struggling to struggle:

      A person can run very fast, but a group of people but it can go further!
      And one personal silently lonely struggle, as a group of people to cr...

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      Where there is a plastic injection manufacturer, preferably from the open mold?
      Has many injection molding factory, mold factory, are generally customers drawings or samples to injection molding pl...

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      Plastics parts factory in application in the field of auto parts, have?

      The application of engineering plastics in automobile parts, commonly used engineering plastics modified nylon, modified ...

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      Guangdong which plastic injection molding factory good credit

      Guangdong well injection molding manufacturers' family reputation is good, engineering plastic accessories manufacturers, injectio...

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      Guangzhou double duty double sand industrial park has injection molding processing plants, guangzhou grace 'family plastic products co., LTD. Is located in huangpu district guangzhou city, guangdong p...

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      Guangzhou grace injection tooling quality is very good 'family, is a company specializing in the production of engineering plastics and accessories, and products production, sales, design and developm...


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